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TRC Free Webinar: Display no.5

We are pleased to present our fifth display-related webinar, brought to you by Toray Research Center (TRC), which has extensive experience and knowledge in developing OLED analysis technology for over 25 years since 1995.

This webinar will cover the following four topics.
- Identification of Trace Impurities, Using High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry -Toward High-Quality OLED Panels-
- Analysis of Small Molecule OLED Layers in Solution Process and Vacuum Deposition Process
- Moisture Diffusion Evaluation in Encapsulant
- Analysis of QD Sheet.
We previously presented these webinars in Japanese, and they were well received. The third topic is TRC's unique technology.

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Identification of Trace Impurities Using High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry ~ Toward High-Quality OLED Panels~

Impurity and degradation analysis in each manufacturing process is essential for the production of high-quality OLED panels. In this webinar, we will introduce analytical methods, along with examples of analysis, for identifying impurities in organic EL materials and organic films.

  • Structural analysis of trace degradation compounds in OLED materials heated under various atmospheres by using LC/HRMSn
  • Analysis of Damaged Components during Electrodes Formation in OLED Devices


Analysis of Small Molecule OLED Layers in Solution Process and Vacuum Deposition Process

Solution processes have been developed for OLED production. One of the issues with the solution processes is low performance, possibly caused by film uniformity and impurities. In this webinar, we will share examples of analysis on small molecule OLED layers in solution process and vacuum deposition.

  • Impurity Analysis in Solution-processed OLED by TOF-SIMS
  • Property evaluation of OLED layers in Solution process and Vacuum deposition process


Moisture Diffusion Evaluation in Encapsulant

OLED devices are susceptible to moisture damage, which requires a detailed analysis of the moisture diffusion behavior in the devices. For many years, we have developed evaluation methods using isotope markers. This method makes it possible to evaluate the path of moisture and how far it has penetrated, even in an actual device. In this webinar, we will focus on analysis examples of encapsulants.

  • Evaluation of water permeability in sealants by D-SIMS
  • Sealing capability measurement using isotope marker
  • Evaluation of Moisture Absorption of Semiconductor Materials by Heavy Water Humidity Test
  • Evaluation of Diffusion Coefficient of Water by Using Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry


Analysis of QD sheet
(Quantum Dot Enhancement Film)

Quantum dots have the unique property of converting a wavelength of incident light into a specific wavelength depending on the particle size. QD sheets in display panels are utilized for color conversion using this property. This webinar will show analysis examples of the QD sheet and introduce analytical methods for analysis purposes.

  • Evaluation of the QD sheet by SEM-EDX analysis and quantitative image analysis