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TRC Free Webinar: Display no.3

This is the third webinar related to displays presented by Toray Research Center (TRC), which has been developing analytical techniques for OLEDs for more than 25 years since 1995, and has a wide range of experience and knowledge in this area.

In this third webinar, you can see the following three topics
- Analysis of micro-LED chip after laser transfer
- Degradation analysis of QD-LED devices
- Determination of dopant ratio in OLED devices
Two of the presentations are analytical cases of our approach to the next generation display technologies, micro-LED and QD-LED. We have also worked on the quantification of dopants in OLEDs, which has been a topic of our research, and we will introduce the details of our work.

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Period Nov. 8 - Nov. 22, 2022 Free to browse during this period.


Analysis of micro-LED chip after laser transfer

In the manufacturing process of micro LED displays, the laser process is very effective for accurate and fast transfer of micro chips. However, it is necessary to select the appropriate laser wavelength and energy for high-precision transfer. We introduce analysis methods that can evaluate surface contaminations and damage of chips in order to select optimal process conditions.

  • Analysis for manufacturing technology of micro LED - Optimization of laser transfer conditions -
  • Process optimization and failure analysis of Micro-LEDs and Mini-LEDs


Degradation analysis of QD-LED devices

QD-LED devises are one of the most promising next-generation electroluminescent devices. In this presentation, we analyzed fresh and degraded QD-LED devices and attempted to reveal the cause of the decay of luminance of the degraded device.

  • Evaluation of the QD sheet by SEM-EDX analysis and quantitative image analysis


Determination of dopant ratio in OLED devices

In OLED devices, dopant ratios have a significant effect on luminescence efficiency, color purity, and lifetime. In the case of co-deposition, films are not always deposited at the same ratio as the preparation, depending on the characteristics of the compound. In this report, we present an example of determination of the dopant ratio in an OLED film with and without standard materials.

  • Identification of Dopant Ratio in Organic EL Device