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Analysis and Evaluation 2020 online exhibition

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Analysis and Evaluation 2020 online exhibition" will be held from October 12 (Monday).About 100 technical documents focusing on the latest analysis technology will be exhibited on our special website.Registration is required to attend. All technical documents are available for viewing and downloading.
We hope it will be useful for your research and development and look forward to seeing you at this upcoming event. Pre-registration is required to attend through the following link. After registration, the URL to access the site will be sent to your email address.

*No registration from the same industrial fields, please.

Period Oct.12-23,2020 It can be viewed at any time during the period.


Latest Technology
  1. Crystal orientation map and grain size analysis using ASTAR with nm resolution
  2. Investigation of crystal-growth mechanism using in-situ heating TEM and ACOM-TEM techniques
  3. in-situ SEM observation of all solid lithium battery
  4. Optical property of single ZnO nanowire characterized by STEM-Cathodoluminescence
  5. Nanoscale Raman analysis of carbon materials using AFM-Raman microscopy
  6. Composition analysis with high spatial resolution by O-PTIR and Raman spectroscopy
  7. μRBS/HFS analysis in microstructured devices
  8. Elemental analysis of metal alloys using NanoSIMS 50L
  9. Online Accurate mass measurements of evolved gas ~TPD-TOFMS analysis~
  10. Nano-indentation test with humidity control
  11. Simultaneous measurements of fast scanning calorimetry and optical microscopy
  12. Possible to Analyze Unstable Metal Complexes in Plating Solution !
  13. Curing reaction of epoxy resin monitored by MALDI-MS
  14. Quantitative analysis of carbonate ion by means of capillary electrophoresis
  15. Size and size distribution measurement of metal and metal oxide nanoparticles by Single Particle ICP-MS
  16. Imaging of cross section of the skin using NanoSIMS
  17. The Ultra-High Performance Mass Spectrometer Brings A New World of Modality Analysis
  18. Crystal orientation and boron diffusion of MTJ using in-situ STEM, EELS & ASTAR
  19. Heating behavior analysis of LIB cathode active material using in-situ TEM and ASTAR
  20. 3D-observation and quantitative analysis of non woven fabric ~thickness analysis~


  1. NanoSIMS elemental analysis for cross-section of SiC-MOSFET
  2. Visualization of damage and stress in GaN HEMT via cross-sectional cathodoluminescence
  3. High-sensitive analysis of metal impurities on GaN
  4. Improving reliability and quantitative property of Raman measurements for wide bandgap semiconductors
  5. Investigation of crystal-growth mechanism using in-situ heating TEM and ACOM-TEM techniques
  6. Characterization of 3-dimensiomal flash memory device using electron microscopy
  7. Characterization of Organometallic compounds for EUV resist using Nano-ESI-Orbitrap MS
  8. Phosphorous profile analysis in a cross-section of Si wafer using NanoSIMS 50L
  9. Electronic states of a-In-Zn-O films analyzed by x-ray photoelectron and reflected electron energy loss spectroscopies
  10. Nano ESI-MS with LESA-Sensitive Qualification of Surface Contamination and Attachments-
  11. Solution Service for Electronic Devices- Thermal management, High frequency technology, Lifetime prediction -
  12. Optimization for the simulation conditions of stress in a package by Raman spectroscopy
  13. Charge analysis of flexible substrate materials using C-V method with mercury probe
  14. Least noise-floor AFM in the world ! Roughness analysis of wafers by AFM
  15. Dopant・Carrier distribution analysis for SiC-MOSFET
  16. NanoSIMS Analysis of 3D NAND Flash Memory
  17. Comprehensive of ion implantation process for Ga2O3
  18. Detection of nitrogen at ultra low centration in SiC by SIMS
  19. SiN depth profile using ion scattering


  1. Evaluation items for all solid state battery
  2. LLZ elemental distribution and LCO/LLZ interface evaluation
  3. Structural analysis of sulfide solid-state electrolytes - Next-generation battery material -
  4. Evaluation of surface coating layer on active materials
  5. Physical properties of lithium ion batteries
  6. Various kinds of in-situ measurements of Lithium ion battery materials
  7. In-situ heating STEM observation of LIB cathode active material LiCoO2
  8. Heating behavior analysis of LIB cathode active material using in-situ TEM and ASTAR
  9. Degradation analysis of LIB with graphite / SiO composite anode
  10. Microstructure analysis for SiO anode of lithium ion battery by STEM
  11. Nano-scale Analysis of Chemical State and Structure for LIB Cathode Materials
  12. One stop analytic service of Lithium ion Battery
  13. Analysis of generated ingredients during LIB safety test
  14. Material evaluation of battery pack
  15. Wide range mapping of charge state of graphite (Laminated cell) ~ in-situ XRD ~
  16. Direct observation of growth Li dendrite at high rate charging state ~ in-situ SEM ~


  1. Structural evaluation of defects in PEFC catalyst layer by X-ray CT and SEM correlation microscopy in the meso-micro region
  2. Three-dimensional analysis of MEA for PEFC
  3. Application of the latest electron microscope technique for PEFC
  4. Semantic segmentaion using deep learning technique for three dimensional observation
  5. Simultaneous Qualitation and Semi-Quantitation of Trace Compounds by LCHRMS, CAD
  6. Degradation Analysis of Chemical Structures of PEFC Electrolyte Membranes and Ionomers
  7. Cross Section Mapping of MEA by SEM, and Top Surface Analysis of Catalyst Powder by LEIS
  8. PEFC 3-D Quantitative analysis of Shapes of Catalyst
  9. Degradation behavior of polymer materials in the high pressure hydrogen gas


  1. Structural analysis of OLED components by TOF-SIMS MS/MS
  2. Determination of multilayer structure of OLED by cross-sectional TEM
  3. Analysis of Damaged Components during Electrodes Formation in OLED Devices
  4. Evaluation of the QD sheet by SEM-EDX analysis and quantitative image analysis
  5. Water permeability analysis by D-SIMS
  6. Evaluation of Dispersibility of Silver Nanoparticle Ink
  7. Depth profile analysis to element and organic matter of perovskite solar cells
  8. Charge analysis of flexible substrate materials using C-V method with mercury probe
  9. Electronic structure of a-IGZO and a-IGZO/metal interface structure in a TFT device
  10. Stability evaluation of Ag(I)-alkylamine complexes


Life Science
  1. Analysis for Organ-on-Chips Materials
  2. Visualization of Molecular Orientation in Human Hair   ~Using ATR FT-IR Imaging~
  3. Three-dimensional Analysis of Rat Kidney Tissue Using X-ray CT and 3D-SEM
  4. The Analysis of Volatile Components in Anti-inflammatory Tapes by Means of Cryo-TOF-SIMS
  5. Evaluation of Drug Permeation in Human Skin by TOF-SIMS Combined with Tape Stripping
  6. Physicochemical Analysis of Intermolecular Interactions in Pharmaceutical and Diagnostics Research
  7. Characterization of Antibody Drug with Ultra High Performance Mass Spectrometer-Identification of complete amino acid sequence and modification analysis are available ! -
  8. Determination of N-terminal Amino Acid and C-terminal Amino Acid of Degraded Proteins
  9. Epitope Mapping of Antibody Pharmaceuticals Using Enzymatic Digestion and Immunoprecipitation
  10. Quantification of Biomarkers by LC-MS/MS~Analysis example of sphingosine-1-phosphate~
  11. Biomarker Measurement by Multiplex Immunoassay
  12. Flow Cytometry and qPCR under GMP
  13. Extractables & Leachables Test
  14. Analytical techniques for performance evaluation of in vitro diagnostics
  15. Analysis of Buffer Constituents in a in vitro Diagnostic


  1. Visualization of thermal history and shear stress of polymer moldings during the molding process-Analysis to find the cause of molding defects-
  2. 5G Transmission loss measurement
  3. Online gas analysis by FT-IR Application to catalytic reaction of NO gas
  4. Molecular Weight Measurement of Engineering Plastics and Super Engineering Plastics
  5. Analysis of ionic species and metallic elements in a plating solution
  6. Semi-quantitative LC Analysis of Trace Organic Compounds That Do Not Require the Same Standards as Targets
  7. Simultaneous Qualitation and Semi-Quantitation of Trace Compounds by LC/HRMS, CAD
  8. TOF-SIMS analysis of water-repellent textile
  9. Detection of unstable radicals generated by heat treatment: Example of PBT (polybutylene terephthalate)


  1. Spectral simulations and reaction path estimations by quantum chemical calculations
  2. Predictions of Absorption Wavelengths of Dye Molecules by Quantum Chemical Calculations
  3. Effective approach to identifying trapped short-lived radicals ーPrediction of ESR parameters by quantum chemical calculationー
  4. Approach of Computational Chemistry for Identification of Radical Species
  5. We can do it !! Evaluation of performance, reliability and manufacturability of packaging related material.
  6. Feature extraction from 2D TOF-SIMS data of biological samples by using multivariate analysis
  7. Semantic segmentation using deep learning technique for three dimensional observation